What Customers Really Want: iwoca Article

Image of Shopping Mall to Show What Customers Really Wante

What Customers Really Want: iwoca Article

To find out what’s important to customers, iwoca asked Jill Spencer, the president of Mystery Shopping Professionals Association (MSPA) in Europe/Africa, and chair of its Global Advisory Board, to outline the lessons learned from years of measuring and improving customer experience.

“It’s the same regardless of industry,” says Spencer. “We find the three most important things to customers are fast, friendly and knowledgeable service.”

What changes between industries, however, is the degree to which customers expect different service standards and how they manifest between companies. For example, customers at a fast food restaurant and customers at a car dealership will, unsurprisingly, look for varying degrees of fast, friendly and knowledgeable service in their experience.

According to Spencer, attaining the right level of service for your business will lay the groundwork for a strong customer base.

“The customer being confident that a member of staff has given the right advice, explained what the next steps should be and were genuinely interested will increase the likelihood of the business being recommended to friends and family, or the customer returning as an advocate for that business,” she says.

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