What We Do

What We Do

What We Do


We are a market research consultancy, specialising in the measurement of customer experience. Based in the UK, and part of the Lodge Service International group of companies, we work with our clients to help them understand and measure what happens when their customers come into contact with their brand.

Acknowledged experts in the field of customer experience, we not only work to develop the most effective research programmes for our clients, we seek to help make the fullest use of the information we generate.





Latest News from React

MSPA Appoints Jill Spencer as Global Chair in ‘Year of the Customer’

The Mystery Shopping Professionals Association (MSPA) has appointed Jill Spencer as Global Chair. She is Associate Director of React CX, the UK customer experience specialist and has launched the ‘International Year of the Customer’. MSPA represents the worldwide...
Opposite arrows saying 'More than one way'

Why the Best Customer Experiences are Chalk & Cheese

Golf and cocktails. Bingo and clubbing. Museums and parties. When you combine your current customer experience with something new and novel, great things can happen. Whether you’re a retail, leisure or membership manager: let’s look at the best strategy to...

What Customers Really Want – But Won’t Tell you

Henry Ford once said allegedly: “If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have told me a faster horse.” ‘Listen to your customers’: it goes without saying. But are they always telling you everything you need to know to win more customers, more...
Concert Confetti - How Retail Surveys Can Enhance the Experience

2017: Customer Experience Critical to Retail Success

Will consumers in 2017 continue to move their spending from products to experiences? Retail Week reports a Visa survey that shows spending at hotels, restaurants, bars and pubs rose by 6.9% in 2016, with recreation and culture spending up by 6.5%. This...
Direction Sign Showing Brexit

Brexit: What will happen to Customer Spending?

Shoppers seem determined to spend at any price. They put £20 million a day on credit cards. We’ve seen the fastest rate of increase in borrowing for 11 years, at 9.3%. Brexiteers point to a bounce back in (ONS) sales figures: after poor results in December and...

The Children’s Society boosts Gift Aid funding with Mystery Shopping

The Children’s Society has improved compliance with the Gift Aid scheme by its 97 stores to further increase its £8 million annual revenue to fund support services that help vulnerable children in England and Wales. The charity appointed React in 2014 to assess each...

React joins the Elite…

The MSPA (Mystery Shoppers Professionals Association) has awarded Elite Membership to React, a leading customer service research specialist. The award has particular significance for UK retailers, entertainment venues and other users of mystery shopping services: this...
Microphone to Talk on the Mystery Shopping Industry

Jill Spencer – MSPA Europe conference 24-26 May 2016

"The Economy of Credibility – The link between Trust and Profit" -During this session, Jill will examine the importance of credibility - to the Mystery Shopping industry as a whole, and at individual business level. She will discuss the issues that we face, and...
Cyber Big Data Image

The value of Mystery Shopping in the Big Data age

As technology continues to develop at a rapid pace, an ever-growing number of customer feedback opportunities are within reach of the majority of businesses. In the age of Big Data, it’s become common-place for businesses to glean real-time information about the...
Rubiks Cube representing Mind Games played to achieve end-to-end customer experience

Mystery Shopping: Mind Games Part 1

Mystery shopping is unique. It’s the only technique in the CX toolbox that can objectively measure the end-to-end customer experience. Whilst customers can feed back based on sentiment, they don’t have the trained eye to provide that micro view that shoppers look for....

The React Management Team

Our strength is our people; their knowledge and experience, and their dedication towards delivering
the highest levels of customer care.

Nicky Barrell

Managing Director

Jill Spencer

Associate Director

Nicky Barrell

Managing Director

Jill Spencer


Karen Webber

Nicky Dover-Johnston

Rachel Norris

Amy Morgan

Case Studies

Mystery Shopping for Profit at Polarn O. Pyret

Mystery shoppers can directly contribute to better customer service levels resulting in increased sales, says Polarn O. Pyret. The Swedish retailer of babies and children’s clothing uses the services of customer experience specialists React CX to develop and support...

Mystery Shoppers go Undercover at Heathrow Airport

Caterer Eurest Aviation is using ‘mystery shopping’ to monitor and drive service standards within the 22 catering concessions that it operates at Heathrow Airport. The company serves some 76,000 airport and airline staff and contractors and has achieved a 7 per cent...

Surveys give Cineworld Cinemas the Big Picture on Customer Service

‘Mystery shopping’ and on-line surveys for mobile devices – which generate over 400 responses from customers daily – have helped Cineworld Cinemas’ expansion programme, with the number of cinemas increasing to 82 from 71 when the programme started in 2005. Cineworld...

Mystery Diners support Morrisons Supermarket Café Experience

Morrisons supermarkets have commissioned React CX for a series of independent reviews to assess its 399 in-store cafés, to support the standards of customer service which helped it win the 2015 UK Quality Food and Drink Awards. The survey and reporting process has...

Shopping & Leisure Estate ‘Knowledge is Power’

ReactCX designed a mystery shopping CX programme to measure the customer experience against agreed criteria and standards; GAP analysis of CX performance and delivery against targets; and then design of customer service and sales training programmes to promote optimal...

Nicky Barrell

Nicky set up React over 25 years ago, as a Division of Lodge Service International, and today we are the longest established provider of Mystery Shopping operating in the UK. Nicky built React on the principles of sound ethics, strong client relationships, and high standards of quality control which all lead to the delivery of highly credible programmes with actionable outputs. Nicky is a much respected voice across the industry, and regularly acts as an industry spokesperson when called upon to do so by the UK media (TV, radio and press).

Nicky and Jill head a team of extremely capable and passionate Account Managers, Executives and Administrators, all of whom are dedicated to providing our clients with the information they require to move their service delivery forward and help support business growth. The team are extremely proud to be the only UK Mystery Shopping provider to receive Elite Member status from MSPA in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Jill Spencer

Jill was President of MSPA (Mystery Shopping Professionals Association) Europe/Africa from 2017-19, and now sits as Chair of the Global Board. She has worked as a mystery shopping service provider at senior level since 2000, having previously earned a strong reputation for expertise in the Customer Experience arena whilst working in varied and challenging roles for blue chip retailers. Over the past 20 years, her core objective has been to raise the profile of customer service in business. It is a testament to her passion and commitment for the subject that the companies Jill has worked for, and in partnership with, now place customer service at the very top of their boardroom agenda.

Her more recent work focused largely on the engagement and education of frontline workers. By raising the level of understanding that the frontline has – and providing clear leadership and direction relating to individual and team goals – a more engaged work force has evolved, as well as a clear movement from a ‘task focused’ to ‘customer centric’ work ethic. Of specific interest at board level, the work also identified clear correlations between higher engagement levels and stronger sales performance across the client organisations that Jill worked with during this study.

Jill has written a series of case studies on the value of mystery shopping, including some high profile return on investment work, and has had several articles published on this subject. She is widely acknowledged as an industry expert, and has spoken at conferences throughout the world on the topic of Customer Experience.

Away from work, Jill has a passion for sports and travel, and her Fantasy Football prowess is legendary!

Nicky and Jill head a team of extremely capable and passionate Account Managers, Executives and Administrators, all of whom are dedicated to providing our clients with the information they require to move their service delivery forward and help support business growth. The team are extremely proud to be the only UK Mystery Shopping provider to receive Elite Member status from MSPA in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.


Over 20 years of experience…


Established in 1994, React has gone from strength to strength, with our reputation as a leading provider of high quality Mystery Customer Services resulting in referrals that have served to increase our client base in the UK and expand into the global marketplace.

Unlike most of our competitors, everything that React does is tailored to the individual needs of each client. Our business has grown largely through referral, with clients happy to recommend us to others on the basis of their positive experience. We are extremely proud of our success, but we will never rest on our laurels. We have been awarded Elite Status of MSPA Europe, the only independent UK supplier to have been granted this accolade.

React operates internationally…


We are able to offer full global coverage, and regularly manage Mystery Shopping programmes spanning several continents.

Trusted Partners

Based in the UK, REACT operates internationally by using our network of trusted partners across the globe. All of our partners are known to us personally, and have been selected from MSPA member companies.