Carbon Net Zero

Sustainable Futures

We support your business goals within your carbon zero plans and underpin our services to combine a joint approach.
We empower our teams to be trained on energy efficiencies to be able to work in collaboration with you and ensure we are supporting the overall objectives.

  • ^Recycling waste
  • ^Charity mystery shopping
  • ^Reducing energy usage
  • ^Paperless office
  • ^Charitable donations
  • ^Ensure shoppers travel the fewest miles by creating routes

Corporate Social Responsibility

React CX have adopted corporate social responsibility principles as we understand the impact of our practices on the wider world.

We are responsible in the treatment of our employees, our mystery shoppers, our environment etc.

The presence of corporate social responsibility principles also show that we are dedicated to maintaining high environmental, human rights and ethical standards for the benefit of all stakeholders, and via our business activities, uphold the rights of our employees and supplier employees.

Our senior management teams have identified corporate responsibility as one of our key focus areas, understanding that our responsibilities go beyond the return we make for our shareholders.

Planting Trees with Ecologi

In addition to reducing our own carbon footprint as a business and as part of our 2022 Corporate Social Responsibility drive we now proactively donate each month to Ecologi to plant trees on our behalf across the globe.

We will plant 60 trees abroad and 6 trees in the UK per month.

See our Environmental impact so far..

Whether paper-based or electronic, face-to-face, online, telephone or internet based, React can deliver. Get in touch to see how we can help.