React CX in the European Elite

The MSPA (Mystery Shopper Professionals Association) has awarded Elite Membership for the fourth consecutive year to React CX, the customer experience specialist. With over 450 members worldwide, the award by MSPA is to members who actively contribute towards promotion of the association.


The award has particular significance for UK retailers, entertainment venues and other users of mystery shopping services: this is the first time that a service provider in this country has achieved Elite status four times, and provides reassurance to businesses looking for an accredited supplier.


The UK High Street lost 2,481 shops last year, according to a recent report by PwC, with 5,833 shops shut in 2018, but only 3,372 were opened –  the biggest annual decline on record. New figures by Knight Frank show that one in eight shops is lying empty.


“It has never been more important for retailers to fully and frequently update their understanding of the customer’s experience. This is to identify and measure the ‘stress points’ in the buying process that require extra attention to improve service and support the brand with ever more discerning shoppers,” says Jill Spencer, Associate Director of React CX.


The ease and convenience of shopping online means that ‘bricks and mortar’ retailers must be ever more vigilant as to the needs and wants of customers. Each aspect of the retail experience must be constantly tested – from entering the store, to selecting goods, asking for help from staff, to paying for and returning items.


Mystery shopping can be organised on a regular, periodic basis or to address specific service concerns, or to support new premises, promotions and changes in shop practices and processes.


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