Companies that use Mystery Shopping have increased customer loyalty

Mystery Shopping can add value to any business regardless of sector and channel.

Improve Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty with Mystery Shopping

Get better Customer Experience (CX) and a clearer understanding of where your frontline is under performing.

Our Mystery Shopping Services

In-store Visits

Objective assessment of the end-to-end experience from you frontline staff.


Telephone & Web Chat

Get feedback on the telephone and email performance of your frontline.

Sports & Other Events

Evaluate the success of your event, by experiencing it just as a genuine customer would.

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The Six Pillars of Customer Service


Customer Service Skills

Do staff ‘go the extra mile’? Is the opportunity taken to make the customer’s day more pleasant and to encourage them to return? A smile can make all the difference.


Operational Procedures

Are processes followed? Whether till disciplines, product wrapping, building customer databases, or use of loyalty cards, there are a range of activities which can be used to build business if followed.


Promotional Support

Do staff use promotional activity and POS actively, using the marketing spend to build sales and loyalty?


Sales Skills

How well staff follow their training, whether they actively seek trade or passively wait for customers to buy.


Security Compliance

From evidence of sweethearting, to incorrect use of the till, cash and receipt handling and refunding, all can contribute to shrinkage and lost profits. All can be detected by mystery Shoppers.


Merchandising Support

Are products displayed correctly, and correctly priced? Is POS up to date and correctly displayed?

How well is your frontline really performing?

Whenever customers come into contact with your frontline team – whether face-to-face, by telephone or website – there is an opportunity to cement a customer relationship, or to destroy it. Business owners and senior managers hope that their staff are following procedures and service training, but cannot be there to oversee them all the time. Customer Feedback has a role to play but an independent, objective view on actual performance can be so much more powerful. A high quality Mystery Shopping Programme will assist organisations in gaining a clearer understanding of their customer experience, and how to action plan for improvement.

Mystery Shopping can add value to any business that involves interaction with customers, regardless of sector and channel. It can be used to investigate a wide range of disciplines at both an operational and strategic level, to measure the success of training programmes, sales/marketing initiatives or as a constant temperature check of the end-to-end customer experience. No other research methodology can claim to offer objective feedback on performance at every level of an organisation, or to have the potential to add value across so many key support functions.

ReactCX Customer Experience Case Studies

Shopping & Leisure Estate ‘Knowledge is Power’

Shopping & Leisure Estate ‘Knowledge is Power’

ReactCX designed a mystery shopping CX programme to measure the customer experience against agreed criteria and standards; GAP analysis of CX performance and delivery against targets; and then design of customer service and sales training programmes to promote optimal...

Mystery Diners support Morrisons Supermarket Café Experience

Mystery Diners support Morrisons Supermarket Café Experience

Morrisons supermarkets have commissioned React CX for a series of independent reviews to assess its 399 in-store cafés, to support the standards of customer service which helped it win the 2015 UK Quality Food and Drink Awards. The survey and reporting process has...

Surveys give Cineworld Cinemas the Big Picture on Customer Service

Surveys give Cineworld Cinemas the Big Picture on Customer Service

‘Mystery shopping’ and on-line surveys for mobile devices – which generate over 400 responses from customers daily – have helped Cineworld Cinemas’ expansion programme, with the number of cinemas increasing to 82 from 71 when the programme started in 2005. Cineworld...

Our Process – How it works


Step One - Understand

Understand objectives and create a questionnaire to meet them.


Step Two - Evaluate

Evaluate experience designed vs experience delivered.


Step Three - Act

Create an action plan to address gaps/problem areas.

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