The Value of Hello: £5.50

A Smiling Ball Floating in Water: The Smiling Report

A new survey of 2.1m customer interactions worldwide shows 79% received a smile from staff, 81% were greeted, while only 58% received an add-on sale suggestion last year. In the UK, 73% of customers received a smile, 75% a greeting and only 47% a sale suggestion.

The 2017 Smiling Report is compiled by Better Business Worldwide, based on information supplied by Mystery Shopping Providers in North America, Asia, Europe and South America. It provides a summary of frontline performance relating to smile, greeting and add-on sales across all primary B2C sectors in 55 countries during 2016.

“The link between service and sales is ever-clearer. The value of a ‘hello’ alone from frontline staff translates to an increased spend of £5.50 per transaction it was reported at the Institute of Customer Service Annual Conference (7th March 2017).” Jill Spencer, incoming President of MSPA Europe, and director at mystery shopping specialists React UK.

The Smile Report is the only global report to provide data on actual service levels as the interaction unfolds, which can then be used to analyse the impact of skilful sales staff and ultimately their link to increased revenue. More and more businesses are now basing their customer experience strategy around the measured service delivery of their employees.

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