How to Improve the Customer Experience: Research Findings

A Shopping High Street: Improve the Customer Experience

I wanted to share with you the experience of 10,000 hours of mystery shopping activity so far this year.

That’s the time React’s mystery shoppers have spent visiting shops, clubs, cinemas and other entertainment venues. Feeding back to me and our clients what works and what needs fixing in CX customer experience in 2017.

We’ve asked our shoppers to return goods, to complain, to ask for help and specific items or services. To do everything that your customers or visitors do in the real world.

I’m sharing our key conclusions with you; what we found out; what our clients learned – and what some are now doing differently to win and retain more customers, to spend more, more often:-

  1. What customers really want but won’t tell you
  2. The Value of ‘Hello’: it’s £5:50
  3. How to Save the High Street
  4. Why the best Customer Experiences are Chalk & Cheese
  5. The Experience Economy: How to Get Real Value from Mystery Shopping
  6. 2017 Customer Experience: Critical to Retail Success

If you’d like to find out more, then simply message me for the 2017 Guide to CX and mystery shopping.