Mystery Diners support Morrisons Supermarket Café Experience

Morrisons supermarkets have commissioned React CX for a series of independent reviews to assess its 399 in-store cafés, to support the standards of customer service which helped it win the 2015 UK Quality Food and Drink Awards.

The survey and reporting process has already resulted in a 10 per cent improvement in assessed performance in the first three months.

React arranges for its ‘mystery diners’ to visit and report on the dining experience in each Morrisons Café. This is to help the supermarket chain to understand customers’ perceptions of service and operational standards, with clear indicators of how it is viewed in relation to key metrics agreed with React CX, from its experience of working with a range of caterers and retailers.

“There is direct benefit in profitability from improving performance in our service to each customer; for example reducing waiting times to be seated or be served can result in more transactions. We also want to confirm that at each transaction our staff are fully explaining to customers the range of additional food and drink choices we have available,”

“React’s service is very good; we’ve had lots of support in setting up the programme and the work has been completed quickly, sometimes at very short notice. React is responsive and helps to clarify what can be a complex operation at times, developing a detailed survey and reporting programme across so many outlets.”

Report findings are recorded by React CX in an interactive web portal so that café managers can see how each store is performing from the most recent assessment and compare it with other periods and store outlets.

“Project delivery is precise, yet flexible to our needs. There is the opportunity in the survey programme for interaction with our stores, so that they can respond if there are findings in an assessment that they want to discuss, and we can make adjustments to the process.”

The new initiative supports a programme of continuous improvement, to enable Morrisons to respond with further improvements in training, in-store presentation and work practices.